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Season Calendar

September 8 Seating Audition Recordings DUE Google Drive Upload
September 10 First rehearsal of the season! The Harker School, Orchestra Room
October 15 Rehearsal Location Change Foothill College, Room 1101
October 22 Rehearsal Location Change Foothill College, Room 1101
November 12 Senior Orchestra Concert Required Attendance: 2:30 PM Flint Center, No Rehearsal
November 26 No Rehearsal Thanksgiving Weekend
December 3 MANDATORY Rehearsal
December 10 AO/WS/SO Holiday Concert Day | AM Reh, 2:30 PM Concert San Mateo PAC | Block the hours 10am-6pm
Dec. 17 - Dec. 31 No rehearsals Happy Holidays!
January 7 Rehearsal resumes The Harker School
February 19 (Monday) Evening Rehearsal | 6:00-8:00 PM President's Day
February 25 MANDATORY Rehearsal
March 4 IS|WS|AO Festival Concert | AM Reh, 1:30 PM Smithwick Theatre, Foothill College
March 11 Senior Orchestra Concert Required Attendance: 2:30 PM Flint Center, No Rehearsal
April Weekends Season Auditions Foothill College
April 1 No rehearsal Easter Sunday
May 6 Graduating Senior Dinner | 6:30 PM Hong Fu Restaurant, Cupertino
May 13 (Mother's Day) Senior Orchestra Concert Required Attendance: 2:30 PM Flint Center, No Rehearsal
May 14 (Monday) Evening Rehearsal | 6:00-8:00 PM MANDATORY Rehearsal
May 20 MANDATORY Rehearsal
May 27 (Memorial Day) Wind Symphony Season Finale Concert | 4:00 PM Reh, 5:00 PM Concert Cañada College Theatre, Redwood City

* Changes made as of August 2018. This schedule supersedes previously published calendars.

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Weekly Sunday rehearsals from 2:00 - 4:00 PM are held inside the Orchestra Room at The Harker School, Upper School Campus, 500 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose 95128, unless otherwise indicated. Please arrive 15 minutes early to get your instrument out and tuned. We also need the help of several parents in Wind Symphony to help set and clean up the rehearsal room each week. Please refer to the message board throughout the season for specific details, should the rehearsal location change.

What to bring to rehearsals & workshops:

  1. Your music. CYS will charge $25 to replace lost music.
  2. A pencil (always have this ready)
  3. Mutes, tuners, extra reeds, etc.
  4. Yellow ID barcode card

REHEARSAL HALL friendly reminders:

  • Please put your instrument cases to the sides of the room and neatly out of the walkways and not next to your chairs (even if you sit at the very back of the section). Take only what you need to your seat. 
  • Please clean-up after yourselves.
  • Let's help keep our rehearsal room clean by picking up little items off the floor (i.e. napkins, pencils, water bottles, etc), even if the item does not belong to you.
  • Eat your snacks, sip your drinks outside the rehearsal room and, please, do not make a mess outside.

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More Information


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