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(Schedule effective Aug. 1, 2017)

Use scrip to build your credit! 

Scrip is a certificate issued by a merchant and purchased through CYS that allows you to buy merchandise equal to the face of the certificate. Families receive a percentage of the face value of the certificate as credit to a musician's account.  It is entirely possible to pay all membership dues and even tour with scrip alone! 

CYS scrip on site sales times and locations:

  • 1:50pm - 2:10pm for Associate Orchestra at Almond (Volunteer: Lianna Wong & Ann Dalton)
  • 2:10pm - 2:30pm for Senior Orchestra at Almond (Volunteer: Yunan Xiang)

In order for the credit to be applied correctly, please purchase scrip with personal checks (no non-member checks, please). Be sure to put your musician’s name and group in the memo of your check.

Schedule may change for special events (e.g., concerts, sectionals, parent meetings). Please refer to the weekly newsletters or check with the CYS office.

The stores (regular scrip) CYS carries every week are:

Marina Foods $100 3% $3.00
Ranch 99 $100 3% $3.00
Safeway $100 2.5% $2.50
Hankook $100 2.5% $2.50
Sprouts Market $100 2.5% $2.50
Whole Foods $100 1.5% $1.50
Amazon * $100 2% $2.00
Starbucks $25 2% $0.50
Chipotle $10 5% $0.50

* If you intend to make a purchase on Amazon, we encourage you to please access Amazon through links throughout our CYS website. Thank you!

SPECIAL PROMOTION for the 2015-16 tour season: Musicians receive double credit! 

CYS also uses the Great Lakes Scrip Center (GLSC) for a variety of other popular retailers through With over 300 of the country’s biggest brands, including grocery and department stores, gas stations, restaurants, hotels and home improvement, GLSC has something to appeal to every family. Orders can be made directly online by registering for a GLSC account and adding California Youth Symphony's enrollment code (please contact the CYS office directly for the enrollment code). Order forms can also be obtained from our parent scrip volunteers.  CYS will order from GLSC two times per month.  CYS and your musician's account earn money with each gift card purchase.

Register your favorite credit cards with eScrip. Then add California Youth Symphony to your list of groups, and start earning funds for CYS every time you shop! IMPORTANT NOTE: Credit goes only to CYS and NOT the student's individual account. If you would like to have funds apply to your individual account, please use GLSC - SHOPWITHSCRIP.COM link above. 


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